2014 Tasting Flights

Hop Scotch is excited to introduce our Scotch vertical tasting flight featuring Aberlour and our Northwest Whiskies Flight! 


About The Tasting Flights

The Scotch and Whiskey novice or expert can sample five Aberlour vintages or six Northwest Whiskies side-by-side to detect the subtle nuances and different expressions of these classic malt beverages. Scotch experts will be on-hand to guide you through this one-of-a-kind tasting experience. 

The Master of Scotch

Peter H. Karras was born to fill the role of Master of Scotch - his grandfather was a winemaker and distiller in Greece and his father was a local chef and hotel owner, both instilling in him a passion for the buisness. His strong knowledge of the buisness, natural teaching ability, and unparalled passion for the brands makes him the perfect fit for Hop Scotch!

What Scotches are pouring?

Aberlour 12

Aberlour 12

The 12 year-old expression is a fine example of how the distinctively crisp, citrus character of Aberlour’s raw spirit is deftly softened by double cask maturation. Traditional oak and seasoned Sherry butts are both used to great effect, as the mellowed spirits within are combined to deliver a subtly balanced flavor. 


Tasting Notes:

Color: Golden amber with hints of ruby.

Nose: Soft and rounded, with fruity notes of red apple.

Palate: A fine sherried character, balanced with rich chocolate, toffee, cinnamon and ginger spiciness.

Finish: Warming and lingering – sweet and slightly spicy.

Aberlour 12: Non-Chill Filtered

12yrNCFThe Newest addition to the Aberlour family is their 12 year old non-chill filtered whiskey, which combines experience and tradition to offers rich character and complexity.




Tasting Notes:

Color: Golden amber with hints of rich ruby red.

Nose: Rich and fruity with notes of sweet home made strawberry jam.

Palate: Sherried character and deep fruity plum aromas balanced with a rich chocolate, toffee, cinnamon and raisins.

Finish: Long sweet and very slightly spicy.


Aberlour 16

Aberlour 16yr

With the depth and complexity that comes from being matured for 16 years in a combination of first fill oak Bourbon casks and the finest Sherry butts, this expression’s warm fruity notes are enriched by an engagingly spicy sweetness. 

Tasting Notes:

Colour: A warm, golden amber.

Nose: Creamy with sweet raisin aromas and a spicy nuttiness.

Palate: A smooth blend of floral and spicy flavours, paired with a sweet plum fruitiness and gentle oakiness.

Finish: Gloriously long, with a warm, honeyed spiciness.

Aberlour 18

Aberlour 18

Greater age adds body and a rich raisin character to Aberlour’s characteristic depth and spiciness. Matured in the highest quality casks, where it develops deep Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry flavours, this is the richest and most indulgent Aberlour expression. Perfect in structure and memorably eloquent.


Tasting Notes: 

Colour: Sumptuous auburn gold.

Nose: Rich and complex, with notes of toffee and butterscotch combining with ripe peach and bitter orange.

Palate: Superbly structured, with initial notes of soft apricot and cream, offset by developing flavours of old leather and oak, with a touch of honey.

Finish: Very long and well balanced, progressing from crème brulée to a gentle oak flourish.



With each batch carefully made by hand, Aberlour A’bunadh is a unique cask strength whisky that has achieved cult status among whisky connoisseurs. Meaning ‘the original’ in Gaelic, A’bunadh is made in homage to Aberlour’s founder, James Fleming, using only traditional methods without chill filtration or other modern processes. The result is a heavier, creamier single malt than most have ever experienced – memorably flavoursome, with an intense raisin character.

Tasting Notes: 

Colour: Deep rich amber.

Nose: Terrific aromas of allspice, praline and spiced orange, in harmony with deep notes of Oloroso Sherry.

Palate: Orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger, spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with lingering Sherry and oak. Superlatively full bodied and creamy.

Finish: Robust and long lasting, with bittersweet notes of exotic spices, dark chocolate and oak.


2014 Northwest Whiskey Flight

Tickle your taste buds with the best in the Northwest! Hop Scotch is proud to offer a flight of seven Northwest whiskies to expand your palate! With the explosion of craft distilleries getting into the game, it’s hard not to catch the spirit!


What whiskies are pouring?

3 Howls Distillery

Hopped Flavored Whiskey:

3 Howls3 Howls Hopped Whiskey layers Amarillo and Horizon hops on a foundation of Chinook Hops to create a whiskey like no other! With a strong flowery, citrus nose, it's surprisingly smooth on first sip. It has a long and lingering flavor of pine and exotic spice.



Westland Distillery


Westland American Single Malt Whiskey:

Our flagship Westland American Single Malt Whiskey represents the truest expression of our house style. At the core of this whiskey's flavor profile is a grain bill comprised of five different roasted and kilned barley malts giving our whiskey a character unique to Westland Distillery. The base is a pale malt, grown in the State of Washington. To that we add specialty malts, a concept inspired by the vibrant craft brewing culture of the Pacific Northwest. Deep and rich in flavors, these specialty malts contribute to the whiskey notes of chocolate, nuts, cookies, pastries, mocha, caramel and raisins. Our Belgian brewer's yeast further enhances flavor development, creating fruity esters during fermentation. And finally, maturing predominantly in the finest new American oak casks complements our other choices with vanilla, caramel and coconut notes, leaving us with an approachable and mature whiskey.


Hood River Distillers 

1910Pendleton 1910 Whiskey:

Pendleton 1910 is a rare 100% Canadian Rye Whisky, oak barrel-aged a minimum of 12 years. Made using glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood and bottled in the Pacific Northwest.


Heritage Distilling Co.

Elk Rider

Elk Rider Rye Whiskey:

Nose: notes of citrus, clove, caramel, tobacco, toffee and pepper

Pallet: presents a smooth uniform coating across the middle range of the tongue blending into slight high- notes of sweetness across the pallet. Flavorful notes of orange, clove, honey and pepper cascade across the pallet. Ends with a lingering finish of classic rye notes with just the right balance of pepper and spice. Incredibly smooth for a 92 proof rye whiskey. 



Tatoosh Distillery & Spirits


Tatoosh Whiskey:

Our old-time charcoal mellowed Pacific Northwest Whiskey is made in the traditional manner that dates back to the late 18th century in the American South. Aged in traditional French Oak which delivers an exceptionally smooth, understated whiskey with hints of vanilla. Every bottle has been meticulously handcrafted in the spirit of a southern family's moonshine roots.


Fremont Mischief


John Jacob Whiskey:

Like John Jacob, dream big. Work steady. Face what life throws you. You’ll get there too. At the end of the day, pour yourself a little John Jacob Rye Whiskey. Reflect on where you’re going; look back at where you’ve been. You and John Jacob – you’ll get along just fine.Tasting Notes: ripple of oaky vanilla, buttery-creamy on the pallet, warm with no whiskey burn. Slight sweet caramel on the finish.






Hop Scotch Signature Cocktails


Tendured Punch Featuring Hendricks's Gin

An effervescent punch, crafted with Hendricks’s Gin, lemon, Lillet Rose, Green Tea and a dash of bitters



Irish Mule


A tasty lime, ginger  and Tullarmore Dew Irish Whiskey Cocktail




Please know your limit and have a safe tasting experience. Be respectful, drink responsibly and call a cab.

















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